Industry Case Study: An Agricultural Solar and Energy Storage Project in Hainan

Industry Case Study: An Agricultural Solar and Energy Storage Project in Hainan


In the burgeoning landscape of renewable energy, the Hainan Agricultural project stands out as a hallmark of innovation and sustainability. Occupying approximately 778 acres, this substantial initiative integrates agriculture with a massive 60 MWp solar power installation coupled with a 15 MW / 30 MWh energy storage system. This integration not only propels local economic development but also aligns with the infrastructural goals of Hainan's free trade port initiative.


The primary challenge was to ensure the delivery of a stable and reliable power supply that could handle significant fluctuations inherent to renewable energy sources. The project needed a solution that could integrate seamlessly with the existing grid infrastructure, enhance energy output efficiency, and meet the stringent requirements for a stable network connection, all while minimizing environmental impact and optimizing land use.

Our Solution

Sunergy Tech provided a comprehensive solution by implementing its advanced Smart ActivePack technology and hybrid system configuration. This system was designed to smooth the energy output waveform, significantly reducing waste light and enhancing grid compatibility. The energy storage component was crucial in managing peak loads and ensuring continuous power supply, thereby stabilizing the grid connection during fluctuating solar output. Moreover, the strategic use of land for both agricultural purposes and energy production maximized the utility of the area, turning it into a model for dual-purpose use.

The project's design included cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate batteries, known for their low latitude tolerance and high humidity resistance, making them ideal for Hainan's climatic conditions. These batteries, along with a sophisticated management system, ensured the smooth integration of solar and storage solutions, providing a reliable power supply that meets the peak and frequency adjustment requirements of modern grids.

Voice from the Customer

"After the implementation of Sunergy Tech’s solar and storage solution, we have seen a drastic improvement in our energy management and a significant reduction in operational costs," says the project manager. "The ability to maintain high energy output while supporting local agriculture has proven invaluable. This project not only supports our energy needs but also contributes to the local community by enhancing agricultural productivity."

Sunergy Tech's involvement in the Hainan project showcases its capability to deliver high-performance energy solutions that are both sustainable and economically beneficial. This project serves as a benchmark in the renewable energy sector, illustrating the potential of integrated solar and storage systems in driving forward both energy and agricultural sectors.