Telecom Case Study: The Brazil Micro-Wave "Solar+ESS" Project

Telecom Case Study: The Brazil Micro-Wave "Solar+ESS" Project


In the heart of the Amazon, where traditional power infrastructure is minimal and the need for reliable communication is crucial, Sunergy Tech embarked on an innovative project. The Brazil Micro-Wave "Solar+ESS" project was initiated in July 2022 to address the unique challenges of providing stable and sustainable energy to remote communication sites along the Amazon River.


The primary challenge was the geographical isolation of the sites, which made traditional energy solutions both impractical and costly. The region required a solution that could operate independently of the grid, withstand the humid tropical climate, and offer security against potential theft, all while being environmentally sustainable.

Our Solution

Sunergy Tech designed a state-of-the-art solar energy storage system (ESS) specifically for this challenging environment. The system features:

  • 48V100Ah System Scale: Perfectly sized for the needs of micro-wave communication sites.
  • Photovoltaic Charging: Ensures continuous operation without reliance on external power generation.
  • 57V Constant Voltage Output: Provides stable energy output with a low line loss rate, crucial for maintaining the integrity of communication signals.
  • Advanced Security Measures: Both software and hardware anti-theft functionalities to secure the assets in a remote location.
  • Remote Monitoring: Utilization of SNMP for real-time monitoring, allowing for efficient management from afar.
  • Modular Design: Offers flexibility and ease of assembly and maintenance, suitable for the challenging terrain of the Amazon.

Voice from Customer

A project manager from the installation site commented on the success of the project, stating, "The Solar+ESS project has revolutionized how we manage remote sites. Not only have we significantly reduced our operational costs by 20,000 yuan per station annually, but the ability to remotely monitor and manage the system has made our operations much safer and more reliable. The modular design has proven invaluable, allowing us quick adjustments and maintenance, ensuring continuous service without interruptions."


The Brazil Micro-Wave "Solar+ESS" project by Sunergy Tech is a prime example of innovative engineering tailored to meet the demands of challenging environments. This project not only supports the local communication needs but also sets a benchmark for sustainable energy solutions in remote areas. The success of this project demonstrates the potential of integrated solar and storage solutions to provide reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy across the globe.